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Thesis Begins

27 January 2015

Some of the best University apps – According to people magazine

• Texas A&M University (TAMUmobile Apps )

• University of California – San Diego (UCSD’s mobile app) – Look here for ideas on functionality.

• University of Alabama (Crimson Tide’s mobile app)

• Ohio State University (OSU mobile app)

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT’s app)

Early Takeaways 

  • All the apps have the same sort of look and feel
  • Functionality is king
  • Little to no thought is placed on the app experience.
  • High emphasis on maps.

New Ideas

  • Consider moving into the realm of mobile-friendly website. 

A lot of these apps offer too much information, something that makes the idea of having an app almost obsolete since a mobile website can easily fill the void in a manner that won’t require students to take an extra step of downloading an app in order to access the tools they need.

  • Play up the idea of an app experience

One major aspect of university apps is the fact that functionality seems to be the focus. Maybe look into how the experience of using the app can be improved upon.

  • How do aesthetics come into play?

Do research on the effect of an apps look on the overall experience and if university apps can benefit from that. Maybe there’s a psychological study I can look at.

  • Which functions are the most important to CU students?

Look into what the needs of the students might be. Ask around. Definitely plan on including room numbers and maps as that is one of the biggest problems seen at the office of student life.

Possible Thesis Questions!!!! (Sucky ones)
  • How can aesthetics help improve the college app experience?
  • How can thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing design help improve the college app experience?
  • How can experience design help improve the quality of college apps?