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New Logo Process

1 September 2014

It is amazing how much you can get done in the span of 2 hours on a bus ride home. I decided to begin the process of sketching ideas for my new personal logo and the beginning of my identity package. Avoiding ravens and full spellings of my name, I chose to experiment going with simple initials. My research showed that most designers found a way of using their initials to produce a recognizable symbol. And so I chose to use E and A as my starting point to then go on and find ways of using those two initials.


I threw in a raven sketch just for laughs and also tried to combine both letters using their existing lines. I wanted my logo to be one compound image instead of two. I challenged myself to combine E and A in a clever way that still allowed someone to recognize both letters. My first attempts were not the best.


I then began to play with the form of the letters, abstracting them as much as I dared without messing with their legibility. Some doodles happened in the process of me thinking of ways to do that same thing. I quickly abandoned that idea and decided to go back to something more simple. I used lower case versions of the letters instead caps to because the shapes of the letters were more similar. I figured that would ease the process of combining them. And I was right!


So that is the point I arrived to. The combination of a lower case “a” and a lower case “e” did make things easier. I arrived to a sketch that successfully represented both the names that I chose to be known by and that doesn’t look terrible. The next step would be to render this idea in vector form, and to test its appeal.