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E.A. or Raven? The dilemma

1 September 2014

Although I never had an official logo, I always chose to represent myself using the image of a raven. There is no reason as to why other than the fact that my name is Edgar Alan and Edgar Allan Poe once wrote a little thing called The Raven. There is hardly a connection there, but nonetheless I still made myself a raven logo:

Personal Logo

It took me longer than 10 minutes!  Which is a long time considering that it was an existing image of a raven which I only destroyed the inside of and replaced it with my name. I was so proud of it that I featured it in my last Motion 1 project and even my first website.

I then went a more typographical route and made typed this masterpiece, which I later called a “logo”.


The one thing I was most excited about this Practices of Design class, was the fact that I would be able to start from scratch and use everything I have learned to create a personal identity.

That process I will take seriously and produce something I am proud to show.