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ID Package Revision Proposal

EdgarARivera_ID Package Revision Proposal

White Paper 3 – ID Package Reflection

White Paper 3 – ID Package Reflection

Approach. Experience. Details. – White Paper 2

These are just a couple of websites that captivate my attention and the reasons why. White Paper 2 – Experience_Approach_Details

Identity Package Proposal

I never really appreciated the proposal stages of projects because it all just seemed so tedious. Over the years, I’ve come to realize the importance of a well written proposal and its value in the field. This is my best effort towards becoming a professional. EdgarARivera_Identity Package Final Proposal  

Making Shit Happen – Logo Design

And so I have arrived at a crossroads. My initial sketches left me quite satisfied with the direction I was going with my logo design. After taking the time to carefully render my best sketch, I arrived at three different versions of the same logo idea. I did not feel […]

New Logo Process

It is amazing how much you can get done in the span of 2 hours on a bus ride home. I decided to begin the process of sketching ideas for my new personal logo and the beginning of my identity package. Avoiding ravens and full spellings of my name, I […]

E.A. or Raven? The dilemma

Although I never had an official logo, I always chose to represent myself using the image of a raven. There is no reason as to why other than the fact that my name is Edgar Alan and Edgar Allan Poe once wrote a little thing called The Raven. There is […]

Thesis Ideas – White Paper

What is Thesis_

ID Package Inspiration

Not sure where I’m headed with this but it is definitely a good start. Gotta love Designspiration!

Speaking of Identities and Portfolios…

Thank you Ryan, for this awesome and helpful link. Definitely something to keep in mind as we work on our own Identity Package.