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10 Thesis Ideas

21 October 2014
  1. How can simple design solutions change the behavior of smokers at bus stops.
  2. Design a marketing campaign to increase school spirit and extracurricular involvement at CU Denver.
  3. Develop branding for a small design studio/guild.
  4. Re-Brand the University of Colorado Denver and its sports program.
  5. Create an interactive experience that teaches troubled teenagers how to deal with difficult life situations.
  6. Find an existing brand with too many inconsistencies and consolidate it under one single look/idea/feel.
  7. Create a motion piece that explains the rules of soccer for audiences that might not be as familiar with the sport. Could be paired with the 2018 world cup in Russia.
  8. Develop a mobile app that give CU Denver students access to information such as maps, common resources, directories, and other helpful items.
  9. Develop an app that gives people access to quick safety tools that could help them in case of an attack without losing time trying to find phone numbers, etc.
  10. Create an app for AppleWatch.